I’m a computer science student at UNSW.

Visit Project Onecore below for quick and simple coding tutorials or the other links for my posts and reflections!

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I am a student currently studying computer science. I currently study at the University of New South Wales and have studied at the University of Pennsylvania in the past. I am interested in embeddded systems and machine learning :)

I use this website to post about projects I’ve worked on, university subjects I’ve taken, and any interesting past experiences and advice I have. You can find source code for this here.

Onecore is a project I created in 2020 to teach students coding for the first time. If you wish to learn coding, make sure to check it out! I plan to revamp the website design in the future and continue adding more courses!


The posts on my site are educational and focus on past projects of mine and advice I have for others. Here are the most recent ones:

Designing the Ideal Online Course

41 minute read project

This article covers a final project I wrote for STAT 4770 at the Wharton School of Business. It covers Data Science in Python and analyses the attributes tha...

Personal Projects and Hackathons

6 minute read educational

This article is an aesthetic modification of an article I wrote in the UNSW Computer Science and Engineering Society First Year Guide for 2022. That article ...


Reflections are most about my personal thoughts on events from the past. Here are the latest ones:

11 Cool Coding Project Ideas and How to Make Them

14 minute read educational project

I’m brainstorming project ideas and want to share some of the things I’ve made in the past or set aside so that someone else can try it out. If my website ha...

First Internship Lessons and FAQ

10 minute read educational

I spent over 6 months as a software engineer between my first and second years of university. There was a lot that went into this internship, including skill...

A Note on Negotiation

7 minute read educational university

This is a compilation of lessons learnt and interesting questions I have from OIDD 2910 - Negotiations - at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylva...

Subject Reviews

I write a detailed review for each subject I take at university. Here are a few from the past few months:

COMP3331 - Computer Networks and Applications

4 minute read medium

Difficulty: 6/10 · Time Commitment: 7/10 · Enjoyability: 4/10 · Mark: 90 Summary I did COMP3331 (Computer Networks and Applications) in Term 1 2022. The su...